What Is I AM?

Impact Asia Ministries is the missionary outreach of Brother Terry and his faithful wife, Pattie. They lived in India and Sri Lanka a total of over nine years. Their two sons, Nathan and Timothy, were both born in Sri Lanka.

Terry first served two years in Northeast India with Operation Mobilization from 1968-1970. He was the only American on a team of seven Indian brothers. They preached in the open air and sold Gospel packets and Bibles. In those days, there were few churches in North India.

Terry and Patty profile

We are in this together and it is a joy to have you on our team. Serving Him with you in the Love of Jesus.

These close friendships laid the foundation for Impact Asia Ministries. I AM is a "Barnabas" or Encourager ministry that has helped raise millions of dollars for national workers and projects mostly in India and Sri Lanka. Terry teaches in Bible Colleges and training centers in South Asia with the goal of raising up men and women of God who truly reflect the character of Jesus Christ. Hundreds of churches have been planted through these servants of God.

Why I AM Exists

While preparing for the ministry at Asbury Theological Seminary, God used a visiting teacher, the late Dr. E. Stanley Jones. Dr. Stanley was a Methodist missionary to India for over 53 years, and he spoke into the life of Brother Terry Jones.

Brother Terry committed his life to the task of fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to go into all the world and preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations.

Jesus said, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." God clearly revealed to Brother Terry that the harvest fields are wherever God has placed you. That is your mission field. Later, through Dr. E. Stanley and many others, God confirmed Terry's call to India and Sri Lanka.

How I AM Works

Brother Terry was originally ordained in the United Methodist Church in 1973. He served as a pastor in that denomination and in non-denominational churches as well. Ten years of pastoral experience has been a great asset to Brother Terry in teaching and training church planters.

Impact Asia Ministries works through relationship. Friendships with national pastors, leaders and church planters have been developed over forty years of ministry. I AM works with and through these established and budding ministries, especially in South Asia. Brother Terry has bee in forty-four countries of the world and has vital links to men and women of God who are committed to Jesus Christ.

Prayer partners and supporters are the core of this ministry. These are ordinary people who have come to know Terry and Pattie Jones and believe in their missionary outreach. An "I AM" newsletter is sent at least ten times a year to these precious saints. Prayer and financial support from those receiving the "I AM" letters enable Terry and Pattie to fulfill their vision of raising up workers for the harvest field.

This is a linking mission. Impact Asia Ministries with Terry and Pattie Jones has never endeavored to build its own kingdom. They have helped to link foreign nationals with each other and others abroad. The Kingdom of God that Jesus talked about has been built up rather than "one man's kingdom".

How I AM Came To Be

Brother Terry and Sister Pattie had been doing this teaching, training, equipping and enabling ministry for many years before it had a name. One of the Sri Lankan pastors asked them, "What is the name of your ministry?" " I don't have a name for my ministry."

In an inspirational moment, God dropped a Scripture into Terry's mind. In John 8:58, Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, before Abraham was born, I AM." This is not Terry and Pattie Jones' ministry. It is Impact Asia Ministries. Jesus is the "I AM" and this is His work. The people who partner with Brother Terry and Sister Pattie are part of Impact Asia Ministries. It is not a one-way ministry in which you pray for them and send them financial support. Terry and Pattie are dedicated to praying for you and stay in touch with you through their newsletter, phone calls and visits as God allows.

May we welcome you to the "I AM" family. As Dr. E. Stanley Jones would always say, with three fingers lifted, "Jesus is Lord!"