April 2010

The All India Mission team will be dismantling equipment, fixtures and anything that will be valuable for the Shanti Bhavan Hospital in Jharkhand, India. The hospital in Hutchinson, Kansas has donated it as they have moved to a new facility. I will be a part of that team. Thank you for your prayers. Pray for the technical team that has to be hired to dismantle the labs which are valued at more than one million dollars. This is something to really praise the Lord for!! In March we had a board meeting in San Diego and the hospital was the center of our focus. Amazing to see all this coming together.

Divine appointments. Yes, they happen. A few weeks before going to San Diego I ordered and received two Arabic/English New Testaments. I intended to give one to my Afganistan friend and another to Brother Hussain in Los Angeles. I carried one with me on the flight from LA to San Diego. A young man sat beside me whom I thought might be from Kashmir, northern India. But when he started speaking in Arabic, I knew he must be from the MIddle East. Turns out that he was a Sunni Muslim from Iraq and had received refugee status to immigrate to the USA.

After the plane landed I collected my luggage and presented him with the New Testament which the Muslims regard as inspired by God. He gave me a big hug and gladly received what they call the Injil. Now a 24 year old Iraqi Muslim will be reading the Word of God in his own native language. Pray for Saaid. We must reach the Muslims who are already dwelling right here among us. Since they do believe in the New Testament (Injil), we should make it a priority to get it into their hands.

These can be ordered through Multi-Language Media, Inc., P.O. Box 301, Ephrata, PA 17522 at $7.50 each. The phone number there is 717-738-0582 and the website is www.multilanguage.com .

This is my hand holding the Injil but it could be yours as well.

Another great tool for sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is the Bible flip chart which Pastor A. Stephen has produced in India. He and his church planting teams have found it to be very effective in communicating the message of salvation. My desire was to present 600 of these to the village evangelists in northeast India who are working with Brother N J Varughese and his leaders. I took the one I had with me to California to present as a possible project to anyone who might be interested. They are $6 each with a nice case. Within two days after returning from California, I received a call to infrom me that $3600 had been given for the 600 charts. Praise the Lord with me. You have a part in this!

“Six hundred new Bible flip charts will be sent to northeast India by the time you read this letter. I am trusting the Lord to help me raise the funds for hundreds more. Please pray that we can give the Inji to many many Muslims and that we also will be able to equip 100s of evangelists with the flip charts”.

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