Ministry Partners

In Sri Lanka:

Fellowship of Free Churches of Sri Lanka
Pastor Jacob Ratnam, 2005 Chairman

Fellowship of 200+ churches in Sri Lanka that do not have affiliations with any foreign churches.

The Lighthouse Church of Kandy
Pastor Krishnaraj, Pastor

Ministers to approximately 2000 English, Tamil and Singhala language congregations and branch churches. Terry and Pattie Jones made this their main church home when they first came to Sri Lanka.

Lanka Bible College
Ben Manickam, Principal of Lanka Bible College
Jim Yarbrough, President of Lanka Bible College Foundation

Originally, this was a Bible Institute established by Lighthouse Church in Kandy to train Christian workers for the ministry. Pastor Dr. Varughese Chandy and his wife Hildagaard were instrumental in spearheading the purchase of a school campus in 1979.

Dr. Ranjit DeSilva became the principal in 1980 and invited Terry to be on the teaching staff. The Institute became a fully accredited Bible College in 1980. It continues to be a great blessing for all the churches of Sri Lanka. It has trained hundreds of pastors and Christian workers from all denominations. The impact of Lanka Bible College is visible throughout the evangelical community of the island. It’s faculty of 12 educate about 400 students per year.

Hope for Asia
This is the home church for Terry and Pattie Jones (IAM) in Sri Lanka.

The Asian Tsunami devastated the coastal areas of Sri Lanka in December 2005. There was a staggering loss of lives and property. Hope For Asia promptly dispatched truck loads of food, clothing and water to the survivors. Hope for Asia.

Sri Lanka Prayer Tower
Built in honor of Paul Yarbrough.

In 1996, The Joneses left Sri Lanka to allow their sons, Nathan and Timothy, to continue their education in the USA and find their vocation. Before leaving, God gave them a vision for their on-going ministry in Sri Lanka and South Asia. It was for a Mission and Prayer Center on the Bible College campus.

The vision came vividly with a detailed plan for the ministry/outreach of this center. Habakkuk 2:2 says: “Write down the revelation, and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.” They designed a brochure and had it printed in Sri Lanka.

Though there was no place on campus specifically set apart for prayer and mission, bulletin boards were put up on the walls at the rear of the auditorium. Prayer requests from around the world were displayed and continually up-dated. Time was set aside in chapel services to teach the students with overhead projector about the Ten Forty Window of most unreached nations of the world. Bible College teams started to take mission trips to India. Intercession was encourged on the campus for world evangelism and the unreached people groups.

Seven years later, Terry received a call from one of the Bible College supporters, Jim Yarborough. His son was tragically killed in an car accident. He told Terry that he had been carrying the brochure of the Prayer Tower in his Bible for about three years. He said that it had become his vision as well. Jim said, he and his wife, Sarah, wanted to build the Prayer Tower in honor of their son, Paul. It was dedicated in October 2003!

Since 2003 the LBC Prayer Tower has been a rallying point for intercessors from all over the nation. Many Prayer Conferences and seminars are held here and the main focus of this Prayer Tower is to gather the Sri Lankan Church to pray for the Nation & Worldwide missions.

Probably the first and only one of its kind in Sri Lanka, the World Missions Resource Centre is housed in the Prayer Tower. Information / updates on World Missions are available for the serious student of Missions. Many use the Resource Centre to access Information on Countries, Missions and Current Strategies through Missionary research updates, E-mail updates, handbooks etc and also through the LBC Library. Information on each country is place in the actual direction of the country.

Soon the World Missions Resource Centre will network with the LBC Colombo Graduate Centre in order to make available the same services to intercessors and mission teams in the Colombo city.

Thanking you for praying towards this new venture.

New Covenant Church of Colombo
Dr. Verghese Chandy, Pastor

Pastor Chandy and Hilda, his wife, moved to the main port city of Colombo in 2003 and started this church. They had been pastoring the Lighthouse Church of Kandy for nearly 20 years. Terry has taught at their church family retreat twice and is closely linked to this church and their outreach. Much of the tsunami relief was directed through this fellowship. For more informaion visit: New Convenant Church of Colombo

Smyrna Church of Wattalla
Susiri Liyanage, Pastor

Pastor Susiri Liyanage and wife Swarna are the founders of this church on the northern end of Colombo about 30 minutes from the International Airport. Terry and Pattie stay with this dear family friend and make it their base while ministering throughout the island.

Lanka Ministries International
Rev. Anton George, Founder

This is a church planting ministry in the hill country of Sri Lanka. Rev. Anton George was formerly the warden at Lanka Bible College and later formed this ministry to concentrate on various districts of the hill country. A new training center is under construction (2005). Terry and Pattie have dedicated some of the churches planted by this ministry as well as taught in their Bible school.

Impact Asia Ministries’ Interdenominational Outreach

Because Lanka Bible College is training people from all the churches of Sri Lanka, Brother Terry has preached in many different churches and has open invitations to preach and teach throughout the island. The Joneses are well known among the evangelical community of Sri Lanka. Nathan and Timmy were both born there in 1981 and ’83 and Sri Lanka remains their adopted country.

Brother Terry has been ministering in Sri Lanka since 1975. Lived in India and Sri Lanka a composite of 9 years and ministers there two or three times a year. They plan to return for a longer term when their sons are settled. They remain in a supportive role.

In India:

All India Mission (AIM)

Rev. N.J. Varughese, Founder and President

AIM is a training and church planting mission in northeast India. It has established over 100 churches and has over 300 Christian workers. Brother Terry has known Brother Varughese since 1968 when they served on the same Operation Mobilization team in Bihar, India.

In 1985, N.J. and Ellen were married by brother Terry at Skyline Church near San Diego, California. Terry has served on the AIM board for many years and still ministers in the pastors’ conferences and Bible school. A Christian hospital in the tribal area is planned. A medical team is already functioning with a mobile clinic as well as a small local clinic. For more information on AIM visit: All India Mission

Cornerstone Ministries
A. and Queeny Stephen, Pastor and Founders

This ministry, headquartered in Bangalore, India was established by Brother A. Stephen and his wife Queeny. They have one of the most beautiful Bible schools and training campuses in South Asia. Over 200 churches have been established.

A fully equipped Christian hospital is ministering to the physical needs of the poor. Fishing boats and equipment are being supplied to coastal people affected by the tsunami.

Brother Terry has known Pastor Stephen since 1968 and helped him with many contacts when he first came to the United States. The Joneses and the Stephen families remain very close friends and ministry partners.

Other Impact Asia Ministries’ Interdenominational Ministries

Because of Brother Terry’s association with Operation Mobilization (OM) many doors of ministry remain open through ex-OMers who now have their own church planting ministries.

“…partnering with you to spread the gospel…”